Whether it’s in the Bellagio Las Vegas or spinning £250 bandits down the local pub, there’s something enjoyable about playing fruit machines. Yet their capacity for payout is limited, for instance most fruit machines within the UK pay around £25 as their top jackpot (plus a possible repeat prize) with most over 18’s haunts running slightly higher margins with jackpots upwards to £500. Then in the US you have slot machines that can pay thousands of dollars which often found within the casinos. But when it comes to online slots, there’s a massive real money difference involved.

The internet has harvested more casino sites over the past two years than it has the last fifteen years, and there’s a reason why these casinos attract the big numbers. Real money players can now spin to win more at a fraction of the cost, with high rolling capabilities thrown in for good measure. Betting lines are not restricted like they are on fruit machines so their limits have no boundaries, a game changer for anyone new looking to spin online. So how do you compete with a slot machine that can pay out millions for just a few pence? Not even a lottery could compete with that. The answer is you simply can’t compete. These are two mainstream forms of slots gambling and one has slowly become more dominant due to the internet.

Fruit machines are normally the business enterprise for sole parties who might dispatch their products to pubs and betting shops for a fixed fee, so they remain contained resources. These small businesses are often competing with other “games for hire” companies who normally target and deal specifically with local areas; because of this, the window remains static or linear. There is no expansion, only more bandits but never more in the money pot for the jackpot. The internet however is much different, whereas casinos might be competing with other brands for their customers; they’re still often using the “same” software as their competitors. This is how online slots generate their huge win fall prize pots and enormous progressive jackpots. You might have 1000 players spinning one game under ten different casino names, but it’s still the same game.

You might often see a certain website pushing free spins on this slot or giving away £400 for example on that slot, but these bonuses are normally their to reinforce a particular game that is “riding the curve”. Normally when video slots are first launched the advertising campaigns by multiple casinos generate huge numbers of real money players in a short space of time, the jackpots then increase at an alarming rate as does the profits for those operators running the slot machine. Hence they drive the video slots reputation harder to continue the growth, before long the game is tilting millions in the favour of one lucky player. Back in the world of land based fruit machines and there’s no need for this same scenario.

People are now attracted to the possibility of life changing potential, not something that comes with a £25 jackpot and a packet of crisps. They want modern innovation, multiple features, they want the big numbers. They seek frontiers that deliver games variety and betting adjustments, not just a couple of bandits that local pub sharks have already eaten. The internet is now the Holy Grail for slot players who choose to find it, especially when it comes to real money. Put a tenner in your local arcade favourite and you get fish all, do the same on the web and you’re looking at 100% minimum for your investment. This now leaves three questions before leaping online to play. Which casino has the most substantial deposit bonus, which casinos are best to play online slots for real money and which of those slots is capable of paying the biggest jackpot? Answer those questions correctly, and you’re onto a winner. The slot reviews by covertcasino are compiled from the webs hit lest of top games whilst incorporating the most valuable financial bonuses to play them with.

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