Online casino poker guide

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Poker is one of the online casino poker guide and has many regular players. It has many kinds and each though different from each other work on the same principle. The one with the highest hand is usually the winner. There are many hands in poker, however, the most popular ones are:

Straight: When five cards are in a sequence it is called a straight

Flush: Five cards of same kind is called a flush

Full House: Out of five, two cards are of similar rank and the other three of similar but different rank from the remaing two. Double pair: Two cards or similar rank and another two cards of similar rank but different rank from the first pair double down casino games.

Three of a kind: Three out five cards of same rank

Four of a kind: Four out of five cards of same rank

play casino card games is also increasing each day and the revenue generated is also huge. Casinos have even survived the worst recessions and this is only because of the demand amongst people. Some players love to play casino poker games online. Roulette is not much of a mind game and is fun. It basically has a wheel which is rotated and then a small ball is rotated on the wheel, which when fall in one socket, the player to bet on that socket wins.

Thus online casinos be it card games or normal games are becoming more and more popular play free casino online. The arrival of smart phones has made it much more easier to play online casino games anywhere and anytime.